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Music Ministry
The Harmony Ministries Music Ministry sets the mood and leads the congregation in Praise and Worship. The Praise Team and musicians assist the Pastor in delivering the Word of God through music. 

Media Ministry

The Media Department was established two years after the establishment of Harmony Ministries. Their current staff of seven runs the sound system and video display and produces CDs of the services that are sold in the Faith Resource Center. 

Outreach Ministry

Harmony Ministries Outreach considers it a privilege to be given the opportunity to minister to all of God’s people. They try to help God’s Word come alive in spirit and deed for members of the community. 

Nursery Ministry

The Nursery is for newborns and children until the age of three. We consider every baby a blessing and a promise from Lord. It is our desire to serve the needs of your family as we serve Christ.

Men’s Fellowship

Men’s fellowship meets every third Saturday at 8 A.M. The purpose of Men’s Fellowship is to equip and encourage men to carry out their responsibilities to God, the Church and family, in accordance to God’s will, as revealed through his Word and Spirit. 

Women’s Fellowship

Women’s Fellowship meets the second Saturday of every month. The Women’s ministry believes that one of the reasons there are so many problems in the world today is because things in the home are not right. 

Couples’ Fellowship

The Couples’ Fellowship was formed as an extension of the Annual Marriage Enrichment Retreats in order to include more activities and workshops.

Singles Ministry

The Singles Ministry is a segment of Harmony Church outlined under Family Enrichment in order that their special needs be ministered to.

Usher Ministry

From assisting you in finding a parking space to helping you find a seat in the sanctuary, the Ushers are responsible for maintaining control during services and assemblies. They prepare the Church for guests by being among the first to arrive to make sure that everything is in order for service.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

The purpose of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry is develop and raise up mature intercessory prayer warriors that will be equipped and ready to go into battle, pulling down strongholds of the enemy that come against our Pastor and the entire First Family, leaders, ministries, and members of Harmony Ministries. 

Christian Training Program (CTP)

The Christian Training Program (CTP) was implemented in 1996 and was a 22-week biblical training course. In 2002, the CTP curriculum was revised and it became an 8-week course geared towards new members of Harmony Ministries. 
“B.A.B.E.S. in Christ”
“B.A.B.E.S. in Christ” is a young adults fellowship that stands for Brilliant, Ambitious, Beautiful, Effervescent, Servants in Christ.  Meetings are typically held from 7-9pm on every other Monday at Harmony Ministries.

Purity Program 

“The Purity Program was designed to help Christian Youth understand their sexuality in light of the gospel in maintaining and keeping their vows. The Purity Ceremony is a formal service at which time each participant, after committing to keeping their vows, are given purity rings to boldly show an outward symbol of commitment to God’s Word and purity until they are married.
Sunday School Ministry
Harmony Ministry Sunday School is dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission within our youth through a bible based educational curriculum that results in spiritual growth and development.
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